10% Multiple Class Discount

Families that register for a 2nd class receive a 10% discount on the least expensive class.


Monthly tuition pays for your athlete’s spot in the class, regardless of attendance. However, we do allow unlimited make-ups. Make-ups can be scheduled for any other class, of the same age and ability, that has openings. Scheduling may be done by emailing gymtacticsrec@gmail.com and waiting for confirmation. Walk-ins will not be allowed. If you cannot get scheduled within the month you’ve missed, simply try again the next month. Make-ups won’t expire, they will be honored, we just can’t honor them at a sacrifice to the regularly enrolled kids in their regular class.

Trial Class

We allow 1 free trial class. If you would like to make use of the free trial, just indicate in the registration comments section so that when your registration is processed it is noted with the registration. The rest of the month will be prorated according to the remaining weeks after the trial class.

Payment Policy

Tuition will be charged on the first of the month for every month enrolled. Tuition is pro-rated for months where the athlete changes groups or hours within a month, or enrolls before the start of a new month. Tuition is not reduced or increased in months that have more or fewer practice days due to holidays, calendar dates, etc. Recreational classes average 4 classes per month. Some months have 3 classes, some months have 4 classes, some month have 5 classes. Tuition is NOT increased in months that have 5 classes nor decreased in months that have 3 classes. Practices may be subject to cancelation due to weather, holidays, staff functions, seasonal breaks, etc. Once enrolled, enrollment is considered perpetual until written notice is received notifying us of dropping a class. You may drop out of the class at any time with a written notice to gymtacticsrec@gmail.com

Gymnastics Attire

Gymnastics leotards are strongly suggested for girls in our program. However, athletic wear is also permissible as long as no buttons or zippers are attached. Tights without feet or leggings are fine. Socks will 100% get lost and abandoned so you’re better off not wearing them. Long hair should be tied up and all dangly earrings and remaining jewelry should be removed. The important thing is that clothing not fall off when the athlete is upside down.